Import Maven Project into IDE.

This tutorial shows you how to import a maven project into an Eclipse-based IDE (Spring Tools Suite).

  1. First, you open your IDE and pick a suitable workplace.

  2. When inside the IDE, go to File dropdown menu and choose Open Projects from File System…​ option.

File dropdown menu

  1. The following Window will appear, choose Directory, then navigate to the directory your project is on, and press Select Folder.

Open Project Window

  1. Now the list of projects on that window should have the projects you had in the directory you selected, tick the projects you want to import, then click Finish.

Choosing Projects

  1. As soon as you press Finish, the IDE will attempt to update and rebuild the maven project properly, and you can use it right away. However, if you’re still having problems running the project, right-click on the project then go to Maven → Update Project.

Update Project

  1. After the background process finishes, your project should be fully imported and ready to be run, viewed and edited.